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Varshan the Consumed

How to beat Varshan and use the Invokers of Varshan

Varshan the Consumed

The Season of the Malignant introduces the new boss Varshan the Consumed, which you will encounter during the seasonal questline or as an Echo of Varshan inside Malignant Tunnels using Invokers of Varshan. What makes it so interesting to engage in a fight with these forms of Varshan, is that part of the defeating rewards can be the rare Wrathful Malignant Hearts.

See where to find, how to summon with Invokers, and how to beat Varshan and Echo of Varshan using their attack patterns.

Where to find

The first encounter with Varshan the Consumed is during the 'Answers in the Ashes' quest in the Season 1 Questline. A final encounter awaits you in the The Cold Hard Truth Quest. However, once you've completed this questline, the fun just starts as you will have obtained an Invoker of Varshan. This is used to summon an Echo of Varshan, a tougher version of Varshan the Consumed, inside Malignant Pustules: secret rooms behind wooden doors in Malignant Tunnels. It is important to note that Malignant Pustules appear at random, and have no guaranteed presence in the Malignant Tunnels.

How do you get Invokers of Varshan?

There are 3 different types of Invokers of Varshan, with which you can summon an Echo of Varshan:

  • Invoker of Varshan
  • Foul Invoker of Varshan
  • Tormented Invoker of Varshan

Crafting the Invokers of Varshan

First and foremost, you need to beat Varshan the Consumed and Echo's of Varshan to receive recipes to craft the Invokers. Once a recipe is learned, you can craft these at one of Cormond's Workbenches.

Invoker of Varshan: upon defeating Varshan the Consumed in the quest 'The Cold Hard Truth', which triggers the quest 'A Merciful Fate' in which Cormond will reward you with Varshan's Modest Effects reward bag. Upon opening it you will receive the Invoker of Varshan recipe to learn. Once learned, you can then craft it at one of Cormond's Workbenches. Finishing this questline, also unlocks the wooden doors / Malignant Pustules in Malignant tunnels. Note: the doors appear at random in a Malignant tunnel, thus are not guaranteed. In these Malignant Pustules, you can use the Invoker of Varshan to call upon the Echo of Varshan.

Foul Invoker of Varshan: upon defeating the Echo of Varshan for the first time, in either World Tier 1 or World Tier 2, you will receive its recipe to learn, with which you can then craft the Foul Invoker of Varshan at one of Cormond's Workbenches. Note that, in order to craft this Foul Invoker, you will need to become World Tier 3, as you will need sigil powder and an Invoker of Varshan to craft the Foul Invoker of Varshan.

Tormented Invoker of Varshan: Similar to the Foul Invoker of Varshan, you need to defeat the Echo of Varshan once again in World Tier 3. This will reward you with the Tormented Invoker of Varshan recipe to learn, and again to become available to use in World Tier 4. To craft, you will need an Invoker of Varshan, 5 Forgotten Souls and 5 Fiend Roses.

How to Beat (Echo of) Varshan?

In order to beat Varshan or an Echo of Varshan, it is good to understand the attacks and how you need to respond. Varshan and it's Echo's use the same devastating attacks:

  • Tendril swipe: three horizontal swipes forward with its tendrils. Each individual strike does not deal much damage, but if you get hit three times, they add up significantly. The suggested response is to keep your distance or stand behind it.
  • Tendril stab: three stabs directly in front using its tendrils. This attack has a longer reach, and as with the Tendril swipe, does getting hit three times add up. The suggested response is simple, as you can easily avoid it by stepping to the side.
  • Tendril lunge: using its tendrils to lunge itself forward and strike you. The suggested response is simply to sidestep and dodge the attack.
  • Explosive decay: marking the ground which decays and is followed by explosions. It is the deadliest attack, and the AoE increases as the fight progresses. The suggested response is to keep really close, or if you are further away to dodge or use a mobility or barrier skill.

What can you do to beat Varshan? Before taking on Varshan or an Echo of Varshan, it is best to optimize your build and gear for survivability and maximum DPS. Especially once you want to fight them in World Tier 3 or 4.

  • As the attacks are mainly inflicting poison, it is worthwhile to invest in poison defense and crafting Elixirs of Poison Resistance at the Alchemist.
  • Increase DPS by forming a party with other players. Not only will the encounter end much quicker, you will also have the benefit of the increased EXP.
  • Fill up the Stagger Bar (Bar below HP bar) by using crowd control skills. This will create opportunities in which you can deal as much damage as possible, while the boss is paralyzed.
  • Kill the summoned minions. Even though they themselves don't cause much harm, Varshan will absorb them to gain a barrier. Eliminating them will make Varshan vulnerable.