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Updated for S3 Nightmare Dungeons!

Nightmare Dungeon Helper

Find the optimal Nightmare Sigil you need to craft at the OccultistOccultist. This tool will help you find the best tier for your level to gain +25% bonus experience, which dungeons are best for your playstyle and which Nightmare DungeonNightmare Dungeon Affixes to avoid.

World Tier
Select your Playstyle
Overal High Tier
Experience/Items High Density
Glyph Leveling Fast
Target Sigil Tier:


Dungeons to aim for

Mercy's ReachMercy's Reach
S Tier
Dead Man's DredgeDead Man's Dredge
S Tier
Mariner's RefugeMariner's Refuge
S Tier
S Tier
Blind BurrowsBlind Burrows
S Tier
Deserted UnderpassDeserted Underpass
A Tier

Affixes to avoid

Lightning StormCold EnchantedStormbane's WrathBlood Blister

Watch Warth3ory covering the tool