Aspect of Might


The Aspect of Might is a Defensive Aspect. It can be imprinted on Helms, Chest Armors, Pants, Shields and Amulets. It can be used by any class.

offers a significant 20% Damage Reduction against all damage types: Fire, Lightning, Cold, Poison, Shadow, and Physical. To activate this Aspect, a basic skill must be used, and its effect persists for six seconds. A strategic approach is to activate it before combat by holding shift and using a basic skill in the air. This pre-combat activation is particularly beneficial for preparing your character for high-risk encounters.

However, there are certain limitations to this Aspect. If your build does not incorporate a basic skill, the Aspect becomes inapplicable, rendering it ineffective for such builds. Additionally, the Aspect's duration of six seconds means that being subjected to crowd control effects or interruptions for an extended period could result in the loss of this beneficial buff, leaving your character momentarily vulnerable.

It's important to understand that this Aspect provides flat damage reduction, which diminishes in effectiveness as you approach 100% resistance. For instance, while a 20% Damage Reduction is straightforward, stacking multiple reductions does not simply add up. In Diablo 4, damage reduction percentages are applied sequentially rather than cumulatively.

For example, a supposed 40% reduction from stacking two 20% reductions would actually calculate as follows: 1,000 damage - 20% equals 800, then 800 - 20% results in 640 damage. Hence, each subsequent Damage Reduction is less potent than the first.

Consider a scenario with four stacked 20% reductions, summing to an apparent 80% total Damage Reduction. The theoretical calculation would suggest reducing 1,000 damage to 200. However, in practice, it looks like this: 1,000 - 20% = 800, 800 - 20% = 640, 640 - 20% = 512, 512 - 20% = approximately 409.6. This demonstrates how Damage Reduction becomes progressively less efficient in Diablo 4 with each additional layer.

This doesn't imply that the Aspect of Might is ineffective; rather, it's a factor to consider in your strategic planning. Furthermore, each class has unique Defensive Aspects that may offer more suitable options depending on your build and playstyle.


Basic Skills grant 20% Damage Reduction for [2 - 7] seconds.

How to get Aspect of Might

The Aspect of Might can be unlocked in your Codex from

Dark RavineDark Ravine
in Dry Steppes.

The best way to get Aspects is to gamble your

Murmuring ObolsMurmuring Obols
at the Purveyor of CuriositiesPurveyor of Curiosities. You can use our handy Aspect Gambling Tool to see which item type is best to gamble for this Aspect.

Aspect of Might
Aspect of Might

Basic Skills grant 20% Damage Reduction for [2 - 7] seconds.

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Dark Ravine in Dry Steppes