Aspect of Slaughter


The Aspect of Slaughter is a Mobility Aspect. It can be imprinted on Boots and Amulets. It can be used by any class.

in Diablo IV is an effective choice for both dungeons and town navigation, despite its deactivation during combat. This Aspect stands out for a couple of reasons:

  • When paired with boots that offer a perfect movement speed bonus, the Aspect of Slaughter transforms them into excellent "town slippers," ideal for quick navigation around town.
  • In dungeons, where a significant portion of time involves running between enemy packs, this Aspect is almost always active, enhancing dungeon traversal efficiency.

This Aspect is a solid choice for boot customization, especially if there are no other preferred options. However, it's important to consider that some classes may have more advantageous class-specific boot Aspects. Additionally, exploring unique boots, such as

, could offer more tailored benefits.


You gain 20% Movement Speed. Lose this bonus for [5 - 2.5] seconds after taking damage.

How to get Aspect of Slaughter

The Aspect of Slaughter can only be found as a legendary item from monster or treasure drops, or by gambling with the Purveyor of Curiosities

The best way to get Aspects is to gamble your

Murmuring ObolsMurmuring Obols
at the Purveyor of CuriositiesPurveyor of Curiosities. You can use our handy Aspect Gambling Tool to see which item type is best to gamble for this Aspect.

Aspect of Slaughter
Aspect of Slaughter

You gain 20% Movement Speed. Lose this bonus for [5 - 2.5] seconds after taking damage.