Needleflare Aspect


The Needleflare Aspect is an Offensive Aspect. It can be imprinted on Gloves, Offhands, 1H Weapons, 2H Weapons, Rings and Amulets. It can be used by any class.

is crucial for players aiming to build a Thorns-based character. It transforms your thorns damage into an explosive effect that detonates at the location of the enemy who attacked you. This feature is particularly effective as it applies to both melee and ranged attackers, allowing the explosion to occur at the enemy's location regardless of their proximity to you. Additionally, the explosion affects all nearby enemies, effectively converting your thorns damage into a powerful area-of-effect (AoE) weapon.

Beyond its direct damage capabilities, the Needleflare Aspect can also be leveraged for spreading crowd control effects efficiently. For instance, the Barbarian's

ability, which inflicts bleeding on enemies affected by your thorns damage, can be synergized with a passive that slows all bleeding enemies. This combination provides a method to slow down all nearby enemies simply by being struck, enhancing both your defensive and control capabilities.

While placing the Needleflare Aspect on an amulet or a two-handed weapon does increase the percentage chance of triggering its effect, the base chance is already substantial. Therefore, players shouldn't worry excessively if they can't equip it in these slots. Nevertheless, for a thorns-focused build, incorporating the Needleflare Aspect is essential to maximize effectiveness, making it a non-negotiable element in such builds.


Thorns damage dealt has a [25 - 40]% chance to deal damage to all enemies around you and your Minions.

How to get Needleflare Aspect

The Needleflare Aspect can be unlocked in your Codex from

Yshari SanctumYshari Sanctum
in Kehjistan.

The best way to get Aspects is to gamble your

Murmuring ObolsMurmuring Obols
at the Purveyor of CuriositiesPurveyor of Curiosities. You can use our handy Aspect Gambling Tool to see which item type is best to gamble for this Aspect.

Needleflare Aspect
Needleflare Aspect

Thorns damage dealt has a [25 - 40]% chance to deal damage to all enemies around you and your Minions.

Yshari Sanctum in Kehjistan