Starlight Aspect


The Starlight Aspect is a Resource Aspect. It can be imprinted on Rings. It can be used by any class.

in Diablo IV has a unique feature: it's great at regenerating resources while you're healing, but it doesn't help at all if your health is already full. This means it's most effective when your health is constantly dropping and you're healing it back up.

However, using barriers can stop this Aspect from working at all. A barrier protects your health, so you won't take any damage to your health, and therefore, you won't have anything to heal. This means no resource regeneration.

The usefulness of the Aspect of Starlight is quite limited. Many builds prefer to use barriers and keep their health full to avoid sudden, powerful attacks. So, the occasional usefulness of this Aspect is a bit disappointing.

In my opinion, they need to improve this Aspect to make it more useful.


Gain [25 - 40] of your Primary Resource for every 20% of your Life that you Heal.

How to get Starlight Aspect

The Starlight Aspect can only be found as a legendary item from monster or treasure drops, or by gambling with the Purveyor of Curiosities

The best way to get Aspects is to gamble your

Murmuring ObolsMurmuring Obols
at the Purveyor of CuriositiesPurveyor of Curiosities. You can use our handy Aspect Gambling Tool to see which item type is best to gamble for this Aspect.

Starlight Aspect
Starlight Aspect

Gain [25 - 40] of your Primary Resource for every 20% of your Life that you Heal.