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Mid-Season Patch and Season 5 PTR

Mid-Season Patch and Season 5 PTR

The Diablo IV team has announced some more updates coming to the game soon. Here's a quick overview of what's in store.

Mid-Season Patch (Patch 1.4.3)

The mid-season patch for SeasonalSeason 4, Patch 1.4.3, will be released next week. This update includes significant class balance changes and other improvements. Patch notes will be available this .

Upcoming Livestream and Season 5 Preview

Instead of the usual mid-season update livestream, a special livestream event will be held on . This event will focus on the upcoming SeasonalSeason 5 as part of the Season 5 PTR Campfire Chat. More details, including stream times, will be shared soon.

Update Schedule Change

The mid-season update was originally planned for after the Season 5 PTR. However, to ensure a smoother experience for players, it will now be released before the PTR begins. This change aims to prevent any disruption for players transitioning from the PTR back to Season 4.

Diablo 4 Expansion Vessel of Hatred arrives October 8

Diablo 4 Expansion Vessel of Hatred arrives October 8

In case you've missed it

has recently enveiled a big part of the upcoming expansion, Vessel of Hatred, coming October 8th.