How to Find The Secret Cow Level

Solving the Puzzle to the Secret Cow Level

How to Find The Secret Cow Level

With the release of Season 2, it seems that we are finally able to unlock the Secret Cow Level! The final pieces of the puzzle are still being discovered, but you can already complete the first steps.

The Three Relics

The Three relics are references to Diablo 2 and the items used to open the Secret Cow Level.

The Bloody Wooden Shard is a reference to Wirt's Leg, which in turn is a reference to Diablo 1. The leg could originaly be found in Tristram after rescuing Deckard Cain.

“A worn bloodstained chink of wood with tattered leather straps. The Letter “W” has been crudely carved on one side.”

Bloody Wooden Shard

The Intricate Metallic Fragment references (a part of) the Horadric Cube. An important item in Diablo 2 that could be found in The Halls of the Dead in Act 2.

“A metallic fragment of unknown origin, still humming with magical energies. It appears to be part of some ancient device.”

Intricate Metallic Fragment

And finally there is the Musty Tome, an old Tome of Town Portal.

“The tattered leather binding of an old tome. The deep blue dye has faded with age, and all of the pages have been torn out.”

Musty Tome

In Diablo 2, to conjure the portal to the Secret Cow Level, you had to transmute Wirt's Leg with a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadric Cube in Act 1. So it's obvious that these items form the key to the Secret Cow Level in Diablo 4.

Obtaining the Relics

The relics drop from normal cows. You have to slay 666 cows in order to obtain one relic. Which relic you get depends on the are you slay the last cow in.

Bloody Wooden ShardKehjistan or Hawezar
Intricate Metallic FragmentDry Steppes
Musty TomeScosglen or Fractured Peaks

You can only get one relic per character every 666,666 seconds, which is roughly 8 days. This means you can switch between characters to farm all three, because the relics can be shared between characters.

Do note, that anyone can pick up a relic drop, so make sure you kill the last cow when you are alone, or with friends.

Cleaning the Relics

When you have all three relics, go to Ked Bardu to the Ox fountain and cleanse the relics. You cleanse a relic by dropping it in the fountain and then interact with one of the Oxen God statues that becomes interactable.

After cleansing all relics, the next piece of the puzzle drops, the Strange Key.

Strange Key

Forlorn Hovel

With the Strange Key, head over to the Forlorn Hovel on the very eastern tip of Scosglen and open the cellar.

Forlorn Hovel

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Once you open the cellar, you can enter and more cows await. Defeat all the cows and the final one will drop a Stamina Potion, another reference to Diablo 2's Cow Level, where the Cow King would drop a bunch of stamina potions on defeat.

“What little remains inside of the vial as long since desiccated into powder. The thought of consuming this turns your stomach.”

Stamina Potion

When you consume this potion, you gain a 5 minute buff with unknown effects. You don't have to be afraid to drink it, because you can get another one from the Forlorn Hovel without having to farm the relics again.

The Next Piece of the Puzzle?

What comes next is not clear yet, but we do know it has to do something with the Stamina Potion. Most likely we have to do something while under the effect of the unknown buff.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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